Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stylesetter Trends to Try Now!

It feels good to be writing this post down. Though I have been occupied lately I can assure you I have not been negligent and with this long overdue post I bring to you my list of the top 5 style trends that are a sure shot way to upgrade your wardrobe for the upcoming season :)

Choose one or embrace all, its all about what suits you best!
Bright bags

Embrace the hottest bag trend gracing the shoulders of style connoisseurs! Every colour from the rainbow and beyond these bags have arrived on the scene with a bang! Available in various styles, structures and textures, these bags are a guaranteed way to refresh any outfit and transcend nicely from summer to winter hues.

Animal print

To be frank I am not a fan of this trend but the facts cannot be denied; animal prints are here to make a mark. From clothes to shoes and bags this print implores upon one to embrace the animal within and rock this trend with style.

Small cross body bags

YES we can finally dispose of our big totes and lay them to rest because one of the season’s biggest bag trends is the small cross body bag!  It is a practical, easy, and effortless piece that comes in range of styles to suit the tastes of all!

Coloured pants

This season is about solid colors and for once it is not restricted to the tops!  We all have adopted the trend of wearing black or white tights with our basic shirts but wearing colored tights or pants with a white or black top looks super stylishly chic!

Violet eyeliner

I can imagine most of you cringing at this suggestion but you have to believe it this one piece is the best thing to carry around in your make up bag! From deep plums to bright violets pick a shade that you are most comfortable with and apply to the upper as well as the lower rims of your eyes to create a burst of color and lasting sparkle in your eyes. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mint Green Perfection!

Could it get any hotter? I ask myself everyday and yet again the next day reminds me that it can! With the temperatures scorching to unbearable degrees we are all feeling like the life is drained out of us and despite the obvious brightness everything is drab and dull.

It is one such day today and I want to write about something that is fresh and perky and the one color that comes to my mind is: Mint green

Mint green, with its calmness and coolness is a color to live by this season. Incorporate this in any form to your wardrobe essentials and beat the heat with style.

Much to my delight many lawn collections this season had mint green prints.  The color pairs nicely with white and silver and stitched stylishly it is sure to become your favorite outfit of the season.

Other than complete suits this color can be used to add the breezy factor to your outfit in the form of shoes, handbags and other accessories also.

So what are you waiting for? :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Color Me Beautiful

The heat wave is back with vengeance and it’s not even summer yet, it’s still spring..or it is? Here in Pakistan it’s hard to tell even if you have a spring season.

 A blog post has been long overdue. For the past two months I wanted to vent out my frustration about the countless lawn exhibitions that have been cropping all over Karachi..I see names I have never seen before and the most annoying part is how everyone is thanking the customers for the over whelming response! Is that even possible that every lawn gets sold out immediately???

Wait .. I just realized I am venting again and that is not the plan for this post. This post is about my recent OBSESSION with nail colors! 
Though I always enjoyed painting my nails I used to use very conservative colors like nudes, grays, dull silvers and glossy whites. I used to believe that the brighter tones would make my hands dark and ugly. Now that I look back I can’t believe how wrong I was!

For those out there who think twice before putting on shades like sea green, yellow, orange, purple and blue my advice is GO FOR IT! Nail polish is a fresh way to update your look and rainbow colored nail colors are all the rage this summers.

For those who want to wear yellow nail color make sure your dress is in the shades of greens, browns and beige. For darker skin tones choose a shade that’s brighter, like lemon yellow. For those with fairer hands a deeper yellow is recommended, something like an egg yolk color.

Hot pink looks best with a classic all black or an all white outfit. It is best to avoid busy and bright floral prints. For this color the rule is reversed for darker skin tone go for a deeper shade of pink and for fairer tone go for a brighter pink like fuchsia or rose pink.

Orange is the hottest nail color for this season. It is also a very tricky color to carry. Neon orange shade has been very popular with the celebrities on and off the red carpet. I believe to carry this color the outfit needs to be of a single solid color. It can be grey, black, white, dark blue, beige, and even a dull yellow. Orange has no rule! Try as many shades as possible and go for the one that looks the best!

Blue nail color looks uber glam! I love how dark and deep midnight blue looks good on every skin tone and can be paired with various colored outfits. Other shades to try include a lighter powder blue, another color popular with celebs. However powder blue is best for fairer skin tones. For a darker skin color darker shades like electric blue with a touch of shimmer would look amazing.

Coco Chanel said 'the best color in the world is the one that looks good on you!' so make sure that this season you not only find the perfect outfit and accessories but also the perfect shade of nail color to make your outfit pop =D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Color of 2011 is....Honeysuckle!

'Pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one who is selected for each dance'

Alfred Carl Hottes

Each year the color gurus at Pantone pair up with top fashion designers to determine the hot colors of the year. This year, they have announced Honeysuckle as the color that would be most dominantly seen on the runways and collections of major designers.
Many people shy away from shades of pink because they fear it would come across as girly and immature or worse off it wouldn’t suit their skin tone but I think that couldn't be further from the truth. Talking about Honeysuckle in particular this shade has the depth and tone that would look good on all skin types from fair to olive to browns.                   

Shades of Honeysuckle can be used for an entire outfit from head to toe or used in smaller doses as eye catching accessories. For those hesitant about an entire pink outfit I suggest going for the shaded effect like the outfit in the picture below. By mixing it with white and the softer shades of pink the boldness of Honeysuckle is subdued and the end result is trendy and beautiful.
When it comes to accessories a bag or a pair of shoes in this bright hue can instantly lift an outfit. It pairs extremely well with blacks and grey so be sure to explore this possibility out.



However accessories arent only limited to bag and shoes. Honeysuckle can easily be incorporated in an outfit through jewellery, watches and even nail color!


   “In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. 

Hence the time has come to paint the world pink ladies! :)