Monday, December 27, 2010

Let Your Shoes Do The Talking

 At a Dholki last night I met a pair of purple Ninewest pumps that did all the talking and had me entertained the entire time. I tried and tried to find that shoe online but to no avail. I did however find a very similar looking pair and I have put a picture of that below so you can relate to my excitement.

Long gone are the days when women believed in a practical pair of black shoes that went with everything you owned in your closest. Shoes are now available in every style, color, print and texture and complement the outfit like never before.

What does a pair of shoe mean for lady? The words of the famous designer shoemaker Manolo Blahnik You put high heels on and you change’ answers that question for us. Shoes are undeniably an integral part of your outfit and a reflection of your personality.

Keeping this in mind I did a little research and found that the shoe style that is predominant in your collection represents certain aspects of your personality.  So in this post I would highlight the different styles of shoes and the aspect of your personality they represent 

Ballet Flats

Wearers of these are soft spoken, feminine and comfortable in their skins.  Other character traits include an active personality and some one that can adjust to all circumstances. Fashionable and confident ballet flats represent a combination of trendiness with comfort.

Flip flops

Energetic, youthful, casual and carefree are the dominant personality traits. These people are fun and laidback, and take life as it comes.


Wearer of these is cool headed, relaxed and practical. They represent a sporty personality combined with a spontaneous attitude.


Flats make you look trendy. It depicts that you are energetic and open minded. They also represent independent decision making ability and the desire to give importance to comfort while being fashionable at the same time. 


These people are stylish and trendy.  Because wedge is a style that comes and go, the wearers of these are those that keep up with the trends as they arrive and are fashion conscious.


Those who love wearing Stilettos have a personality of one that likes being center of attraction all the time. It says that you have an outgoing personality. Feminine and sexy these shoes ooze confidence with every step.

 So which shoe represents your personality best? :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Must Haves

As the cold weather descends on us in chilly waves we are all having a bit of wardrobe crisis everyday trying to decide what is the coolest ( no pun intended) way to keep warm! Normally deep, dark colours and woolly woven items are recommended. However in this post I am here to tell you of ways that you can stand OUT in the sea of all those greys and blacks!

Go Pastel

Pretty pastels like powder blue, peach, pink and lavenders are the perfect cheerful colours that can make you stand out and act as an instant mood lifter!

Go for a Shawl Collared Sweater

These ultra feminine cosy sweaters are a MUST have for this season! The best thing about them is that they are made of this light weight material that adds to the style without the bulk. Wear them in bright blues or baby pinks ..this versatile style is made for everyone!

Belt It Well

The belt trend has been around for awhile and it doesn't look like its going anywhere any time soon! I would recommend you to be careful with your choice of belt keeping your shape in mind. For the skinny, petite girls out there a wider belt would look great and for those roundish figures a thinner, sleeker belt is recommended.

Go Victorian!

The noticeable trend for cloaks and capes came around the Victorian era. It has been in and out since then but this year its back for sure! Call it capes or ponchos..the end result is uber chic.

Multiple layers and multiple chains

No look is complete without proper accessories. As you add on the layers make sure you don't forget to pack some chains around your neck. Be it pearls, stones, simple silver or gold chains add up the layers in all lengths and sizes to completer the look. 
Happy Winters to all :)